In action... this photo was taken of me during a photo shoot of a pistol competition.  That's why I'm wearing the silly looking electronic ear protection.  I have photographed a number of pistol competitions for adults and youth.


My passion lies in action photography.  I like capturing those moments as they happen out in the wild.  Often times this makes for difficult and unpredictable results, but when the moment is captured just right, the heart and soul tends to shine through best.  


Throughout my site you will see a theme mostly of animals.  I volunteer at our local city shelter and with many rescue organizations to capture the personality of the animals to help showcase the animal much better than their intake photos or cellphone snapshots.


The next chapter of my photography book is being written.  Now I'm opening up my business available for hire.  If you would like to have your furry loved one photographed in their own natural element or at a place they really enjoy visiting, give me a call or send me an email.  I'd be happy to book some time with you.